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Blue cup - Wait !

Black and blue stoneware bowl is suitable for hot or cold recipes. This tableware is perfect for a table with Asian accents. These conical bowls are handmade, they are sturdy and stylish.

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Ultramarine blue bowl in black stoneware

This conical bowl is in black stoneware enamelled with a very luminous ultramarine blue. This crockery will give your table a contemporary and festive air. Black sandstone and this type of enamelling reinforce the solidity of the object, they are aesthetic and functional. They are 13 cm in diameter and 11 cm high. They have a shaped foot.

These large conical bowls are "handmade", each piece is decorated with a brush and by soaking, there may be color differences, which is what makes them so original. Creativity is evident in each piece.

The bowls are SOLD BY UNIT. Use the "quote" option for large quantities.

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