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Bowl & small plate

Set of 3 pieces: a large bowl or salad bowl in white stoneware, a dish, a porcelain verrine. The salad bowl loves the oven as much as cold recipes. Sold with white satin square.

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Large Bowl pink

Beautiful set of 3 unique pieces in pink hues. A large bowl -or salad bowl- in stoneware, ideal for peacefully enjoying all kinds of recipes. This container is made of white sandstone. This is a sturdy and stylish one-off that goes from the oven to the table.

The colors are natural thanks to KÔ enamels. It is sold with a small stoneware plate / cup.


The verrine or porcelain shooter is offered.


Stoneware and lacquered enamel add sturdiness and elegance to this large, heavy-bottomed bowl that weighs 800g. Its diameter is about 17 cm. Its height about 12 cm. This enamelled piece is suitable for daily use, ideal for your hot or cold recipes. She likes the oven and slow cooking.



"Peaceful Land" range


 It's all the art of the table: playing and composing with shapes, colors, materials and eras. Made in France !


The photo is contractual, you buy the containers you see.

Gift wrapping and fabric offered.

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