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Porcelaine plate

KALLISTÊ-AC and its stricter porcelain range. “Handmade” Made in Corsica. Professionals can request a quote. 22 cm in diameter and one foot.

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The KALLISTÊ AC brand offers you this conical turned plate. The colors are applied with a brush, the pieces are enameled with a sweet and cloudy KÔ which can also, on request, be tinted with turquoise blue

Each plate is made from matte porcelain, these plates can also be made from black and pearly Abyss blue stoneware.


Do not hesitate to ask for advice or a quote for quantities beyond 12 pieces.


They are robust and elegant despite their apparent fragility. 1 round porcelain foot.


For professionals and individuals. The decorations are made by hand, so there may be subtle differences, which makes each piece unique.

On order only, manufacturing time 3 weeks if insufficient stock.

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