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fermented cuisine

Lacto-fermentation is prepared in GRES containers. It is an age-old preservation method that allows vegetables to be preserved safely and easily thanks to the action of lactic acid bacteria.

This simple method makes it possible to transform many vegetables into condiments and accompaniments. To put this type of conservation into practice, I offer GRES containers of various sizes. Aesthetic, functional and easy to maintain.


Winter vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins and amino acids essential to the proper functioning of our body. Lacto-fermentation makes it possible to enhance these vegetables:

It has several advantages, the fermentation "pre-digests" the vegetables, which are then more digestible. And, when fermented, these vegetables are full of natural probiotics.
During fermentation, some vegetables soften, others develop amazing flavors. Fermentation preserves and above all improves the nutritional value of vegetables.

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