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The cup for coffee


The Pretty coffee cups with a smooth and very shiny enamel decoration. They are handcrafted in white stoneware or porcelain.

They are small, delicate functional and decorative pieces. There are two models: one with a handle and the other without. You can mix colors and shapes. These espresso cups evoke the bottom of rivers with a thousand sparkling pebbles as the water rushes back down to the sea. The colors are warm, natural and range from black to iron red. These cups are sturdy.


The dishwasher is not recommended for those with a handle. Each piece is decorated with a brush, so there are possible differences, and this is what makes them unique objects, little table jewels .....

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Pretty black sandstone verrines for nice aperitifs! They like hot and cold, and even the oven. Infinitely reusable, they are dishwasher safe! Container sold individually.
Bleu small cup
Pretty little porcelain or black stoneware containers, for successful appetizers and "aperitif" platters. Functional and fun, they are also oven-safe and evoke seashells.
Black Cup temmoku - Sold
Very nice cups for the espresso. They are made in a robust stoneware. These are beautiful handcrafted objects then enameled in a lacquered black Tenmoku for your stylish relaxing break.
Red porcelain cup - Sold
These pretty mugs are inspired by river pebbles. They are shaped by hand, without a potter's wheel and decorated with a brush. They are sold individually. These objects are all different
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