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Cup from the Ecume range

Small dish or dish from the Ecume range, slightly hollow. This object is in enamelled black sandstone. It can go in the oven and it is ideal for festive TV sets or festives aperitifs !

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Coupelles, raviers, petite assiette

This Cup or dish or small plate is from the "Ecume" range. Slightly hollow and very clean in shape, each piece is smooth to the touch. This minimalist tableware is made in black stoneware, polished with a pebble and then enamelled in white kô. The result is unique pieces decorated one by one with a brush and by dipping. These plates can go in the oven and are ideal for your TV sets or your festive aperitifs! These cups are sturdy, they are dishwasher safe, microwave safe even if it is not recommended for these totally "handmade" ceramics. Sold individually

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