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I offer training where Wild Nature is a starting point or a center that you must always stay close to.

I am lucky to live and work in a region where the environment is fabulous: Corsica. It is no longer necessary to describe to you the sumptuous landscapes that surround us, enchant us, carry us and shape us a little more every day.

This magnificent island conceals other secret treasures. The riches I am talking about are invisible to a large majority, these are what I call: the landscapes below. Those in the basement. Those from the roots world. They too are shaped by water, the heat of volcanic furnaces, time, the movement of the great cycles and the supreme material: clay.

So, during these learning sessions, I invite you to discover ancestral techniques on this work of shaping Earth matter and I guide you to allow you to develop your creative spirit.

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Discovery of ceramics.18 au 22 novembre 2024
From November 18 to 22 2024. This training week is aimed at people motivated by the desire to create decorative and artistic objects. Wood, paper or ceramics and earth collected in Balagne...the trainees will learn to use various materials in their creations. The training and tools will always be in harmony with the spirit developed in the workshop. It is preferable to have followed the 1st course or to know how to shape.