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The work is in glazed sandstone and wild clay. This sculpture which can accommodate natural incense resins, or scents, essential oils or dry flowers. Sold with base.

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Magma is a sculpture in enameled Corsican sandstone and clay. It evokes the fury of volcanoes, a reduced vision of the fury of the elements Earth and Fire. I'll let you imagine your own thoughts, questions, reflections, when faced with these wild objects....
This work where I use the fusion of minerals in an electric oven and at very high temperatures serves me to express the idea of ​​a volcanic cataclysm, the soft form (clay) has frozen and to reveal a new object.

Unpredictable, Hard. Crack. Cracked.

This object will take on another even more spectacular dimension if you burn natural incense resins in it.

Do not hesitate !


Format 20 cm diameter, Weight 1.6 kg. with the base.


The photo is contractual, you buy the piece you see. Signed piece

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