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Plate Ocre

This large plate is shaped by hand and then polished with a pebble. The colors evoke the background of rivers, they are applied with brushes like a wash or watercolor.

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Large stoneware deep plate

This large plate is shaped by hand, without a potter's wheel, then polished with a pebble. The colors are pearly. Each piece is decorated with brushes like a wash or watercolor.

The colors blend transparently, ranging from ochre, to golden brown green... Each plate is a unique piece that evokes the hot, dry landscapes of summer. Cracks, furrows, the Earth and the plant world await the water. No plate is identical to the other even if they look alike. They are spectacular and invite to delicate tastings and full of natural flavors.

They are ideal for highlighting a colorful recipe based on rice, fish and shellfish or very green vegetables. Be creative!


These plates can also be used as a serving platter. They are oven and dishwasher safe.

They are robust and elegant, even spectacular because of their colors, even when they are empty. Do not hesitate to play with textures by combining these objects with smooth, white porcelain....


Perfectly suited for gastronomy professionals and restaurants or private individuals who dare to wear stylish dishes.

The decorations are made by hand, so there may be subtle differences, this is what makes each piece unique.


These large soup plates are sold individually. It is best to ask for a quote, stocks are limited. Manufacturing times are 3 weeks if the stock is insufficient.

Ask for your free quote, attractive prices from 6 pieces.

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